Jaws 0.8.17 released

We are happy to announce the release of Jaws 0.8.17, changes since 0.8.16 are:
  • Added check complexity and minimum password length
  • Added allow|deny action for each ip ranges to Policy gadget
  • Added sending mass email to Contact gadget
  • Added download theme and related ACL key to Tms gadget
  • Added new template for comment notification email to Blog gadget
  • Added new action to Users gadget for display login related links
  • Added new map to Users gadget for redirecting to referrer page after login
  • Added new option to Banners gadget to show/hide group title
  • Added motion feature to group of Banners gadget
  • Improved URLMapping
  • Improved RSA encryption/decryption to support utf8 strings
  • Improved Ajax performance by using json instead of xml
  • Improved Languages gadget to store only changes in data directory
  • Improved FAQ gadget to support customizing category title
  • Improved Contact gadget to use site language/direction for outgoing emails
  • Fixed today visitors count in VisitCounter gadget
  • Fixed some issues in FileBrowser gadget
  • Fixed url variable in Emblems gadget
  • Fixed date page navigation in Blog gadget
  • Fixed infinity loop when set default gadget to Users
  • Fixed some issues in Users gadget
  • Fixed some issues in Banners gadget
  • Fixed errors in Phoo if image not found
  • Fixed image allow-comment functionality in Phoo gadget
  • Fixed photoblog images list in Phoo gadget
  • Fixed HttpBl antispam filter in Policy gadget
  • Fixed uploading files with invalid name
  • Fixed transparent color for gif format in resize/crop/rotate/mirror/flip methods
  • Fixed some sql errors when using PgSQL driver
  • Fixed overvalue for month/days in Jalali calender
  • Updated Pear libraries
  • Updated tinyMCE to latest version
  • Updated Persian translation
  • Updated Swedish translation by paedrigh
  • and many more enhancement and minor bug fixes


  • PHP >= 4.3.6
  • MySQL >= 4.1
  • Postgresql >= 7.4
  • Oracle >= 8.0
  • MSSQL >= 8.0
  • Firebird >= 1.5
  • Interbase >= 6.0
  • SQLite >= 2.8
  • Apache 1.3, Apache 2, Nginx, IIS, LiteSpeed, LightTPD, Cherokee (under fcgi), ...


To download the package(s) just click here!.

Thanks for all of you who reported bugs!