Jaws 0.8.16 released

We are happy to announce the release of Jaws 0.8.16, changes since 0.8.15 are:
  • Added new default acl keys for front-end side to all gadgets
  • Added concurrent logins feature to users
  • Added file/image browser to tinyMCE/default editors
  • Added multi user functionality to StaticPage gadget by new ACL keys
  • Added new featurs to Weather gadget
  • Added image option to Menu gadget
  • Added RSA encryption option to front-end login action
  • Added displaying inline result to Poll gadget
  • Added custom meta to Setting gadget
  • Added username recovery to Users gadget
  • Added resume support to download method of FileBrowser
  • Added some new ACL keys to Settings gadget
  • Added new ACL keys to SysInfo gadget /li>
  • Added new functionality to Jaws logging
  • Added new methods to Jaws_Image(resize, crop, rotate, grayscale, ...)
  • Added display clicks count in admin area for LinkDump gadget
  • Added support new formats for site favicon(ico, gif, svg)
  • Improved session performance
  • Improved authentication classes(Default, LDAP, IMAP, POP3)
  • Improved user interface of Weather gadget
  • Improved ACL permission management interface to support allow, deny and null(inheritance)
  • Improved all ajax stuffs by removing AjaxCommonFiles request
  • Improved auto-paragraph parsing
  • Improved table structure of VisitCounter
  • Improved ServerTime gadget interface
  • Improved supporting multi instance
  • Fixed some PHP deprecated messages
  • Fixed some bugs in FileBrowser gadget
  • Fixed checking ACL permissions in some core gadgets
  • Fixed some errors in PgSql driver
  • Fixed some errors in SQLite driver
  • Fixed using html tags in faq answers
  • Fixed some errors in TMS gadget
  • Fixed google page rank script
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated Persian translation
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated Turkish translation
  • and many more enhancement and minor bug fixes


  • PHP >= 4.3.6
  • MySQL >= 4.1
  • Postgresql >= 7.4
  • Oracle >= 8.0
  • MSSQL >= 8.0
  • Firebird >= 1.5
  • Interbase >= 6.0
  • SQLite >= 2.8
  • Apache 1.3, Apache 2, Nginx, IIS, LiteSpeed, LightTPD, Cherokee (under fcgi), ...


To download the package(s) just click here!.

Thanks for all of you who reported bugs!