Jaws at the Google Summer Of Code 2007

Yay!, we got accepted in the Google Summer of Code as part of the PHP project.

Nicolas Bérard-Nault will be the student in charge who will be rewriting the code in PHP6 so we can be the first project written in PHP6, here's a short copy-n-paste of the things Nicholas (and also, a new Jaws developer) will be doing:

This is why it is intended in this Google Summer of Code project to revamp the internals of Jaws and migrate it from PHP 4 to PHP 6. This includes, but is not limited to, E_STRICT compliance, the systematic use of real object programming, Unicode character support, the transparent use of different database types and the use of the most current features available in PECL and PEAR, including if needed operator overload and the Standard PHP Library (SPL).
More information in the Jaws proposal and in the official PHP site.