Jaws 0.5-beta2 released

This is the second beta release of our upcoming 0.5 version, many
bugs have been fixed. Remember that these beta releases are just focused
in translation and bug fixes.

Download jaws-0.5-beta2

Remember that this version is only for testing!

Below is a brief changelog:
  • Some cleanup to old code
  • Small fixes (RssReader, Weather, Blog, etc)
  • Move getText (_()) to Jaws translation system (_t) of some files
  • Plugins are working fine, they don't get scrambled
  • We have a new upgrade script


  1. Extract the tarball.
  2. Copy the "html" directory to the directory your website runs from, for example public_html.
  3. Set html/data/ and html/include/ to be writable by your web
    server, like this:
    chgrp -R www-data data/ include/

    chmod -R 775 data/ include/
  4. Open install.php in a web browser by going to http://www.my.site/path/install.php
  5. Follow the instructions!
  6. You probably want to disable write access to include/ once you're done installing:
    chmod -R 755 include/
  7. Done!

Upgrading from 0.4 to 0.5

  2. Move your current Jaws (/home/users/public_html for example) to another directory (rename it)
  3. Extract the tarball where you were running your last Jaws version
  4. Optionally copy your old phoo/, data/files/ and images/banners directories to your new Jaws Version, for example:
    cp -R /home/users/backup/files /home/users/new/files
    cp -R /home/users/backup/phoo /home/users/new/phoo
    cp -R /home/users/backup/image/banner /home/users/new/image/banner
  5. Create data/ directory if it does not exists and give it
    write-access permissions, for example:
    mkdir /home/users/new/data

    chgrp -R www-data data/

    chmod -R 775 data/
  6. Point your browser to your upgrade.php file, for example: http://www.mydomain.com/upgrade.php
  7. Follow the instructions
  8. You probably want to disable write access to include/ once
    you're done installing:
    chmod -R 755 include/
  9. Done!

Reporting Bugs

You can report bugs at http://bugzilla.jaws.com.mx/ against Jaws 0.5RC2
Please only report actual bugs for this release, if you want to add a
wishlist item report it for 0.6 - no new features will be added to the
0.5 release.

Getting Help

If you need some help you can contact the developers by e-mailing
jaws-dev@forge.novell.com, or join us on #jaws, on the Freenode IRC

Jaws Developers