Jaws 0.5-beta1 released

This is a beta release of our upcoming 0.5 version, many things improved and must be tested out with the beta release.

Download jaws-0.5-beta1
Jaws Beta Testing Guide for 0.5 Beta1 ("Shes Famous Now")

Thanks for testing Jaws - below is a brief guide to getting test releases running, and how to report any bugs you find.

  • A web server
  • PHP version 4.3 or 5.0
  • GD or ImageMagick for the photo organiser
  • Extract the tarball.
  • Copy the "html" directory to the directory your website runs from, for example public_html.
  • Set html/data/ and html/include/ to be writable by your web server, like this:
  • chgrp -R www-data data/ include/
    chmod -R 775 data/ include/
  • Open install.php in a web browser by going to http://www.my.site/path/install.php
  • Follow the instructions!
  • You probably want to disable write access to include/ once you're done installing:
  • chmod -R 755 include/
Reporting Bugs
You can report bugs at http://bugzilla.jaws.com.mx/ against Jaws 0.5RC1

Please only report actual bugs for this release, if you want to add a wishlist item report it for 0.6 - no new features will be added to the 0.5 release.

Getting Help
If you need some help you can contact the developers by e-mailing jaws-dev@forge.novell.com, or join us on #jaws, on the Freenode IRC network.