Jaws 0.7.1 released

We are releasing the second stable version of the 0.7 family: 0.7.1.

This release fixes many things like:
  • Fixes some (f)cgi bugs with the PATH_INFO (some dreamhost users were having problems with this).
  • The bug in the editor (the HBox::rebuildJS message/warning/error).
  • Some Phoo bugs
  • And many other bugs!

* PHP >= 4.3.6
* MySQL >= 3.23.49 (if you use MySQL)
* Apache 1.3, Apache 2, Cherokee >> 0.4.29 (under fcgi) and IIS


During this bug-squashing stage I found a little problem with Dreamhost (cause I've some accounts with them).

If you want to have links like: index.php/blog/show/32 (passing params via the pathinfo) you can't do that on dreamhost if you are using PHP 4.2.x with CGI. If you really want to use those links, just change to PHP 5.2.x (cgi or fcgi) otherwise your links will be like index.php?blog/show/32 (note that we replace the first / with a ?).


To download the package(s) just click here.

Thanks for all of you who reported bugs!