Jaws 0.7.0 - Third beta released

We are happy to announce the third beta of Jaws 0.7.0 (At my signal, unleash hell!). And as you know... this is a release which 'should' work better than beta1 and beta2 :-).

As usual, we provide three tarballs:
  • jaws-core: Include core and core gadgets (useful if you want to use Jaws as a framework).
  • jaws-blog-system: include same as jaws-core but also some gadgets like Banner, Blog, Chatbox, FileBrowser, etc..). Useful if you want to use Jaws as a blog system and a theme.
  • jaws-complete: include everything ;-)
You can get these tarballs from our site.

Now, some notes about this version before you start using it:
  1. Since this version ONLY users running 0.6.x can upgrade. Previous versions are officially unsupported.
  2. Make a backup of your database, you are warned!
What's new in this version?
  • Lot of Ajax and fancy stuff you will love
  • Full IE support (now *faster*).
  • New gadgets
  • Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Farsi and Japanese support!
  • Now mssql is supported
  • Many fixes from the first and second betas!
NOTE for translators: we have received some translations (thanks!!!), if you want to add support to your language or fix some bugs this is the time!

Btw, there are rumours that this is going to be the last beta of 0.7.0 so please don't stop reporting your bugs!.