Jaws 0.7.0 - Second beta released

We are happy to announce the second beta of Jaws 0.7.0 (At my signal, unleash hell!). And as you know... this is a release which 'should' work better than beta1 but NOT be used in production systems.

As usual, we provide three tarballs:
  • jaws-core: Include core and core gadgets (useful if you want to use
    Jaws as a framework).
  • jaws-blog-system: include same as jaws-core but also some gadgets like
    Banner, Blog, Chatbox, FileBrowser, etc..). Useful if you want to use
    Jaws as a blog system and a theme.
  • jaws-complete: include everything ;-)
You can get these tarballs from our site.

Now, some notes about this version before you start using it:
  1. Since this version ONLY users running 0.6.x can upgrade. Previous
    versions are officially unsupported.
  2. Make a backup of your database, you are warned!
What's new in this version?
  • Lot of Ajax and fancy stuff you will love
  • Full IE support (now *faster*).
  • New gadgets
  • Romanian and Spanish support
  • Many fixes from the first beta and new code!
NOTE for translators: we are going to release another beta (the third one), maybe that will be the last beta so please hurry up with your translations!

Enjoy this release and report your bugs.