Jaws developers meeting

On August 31st at 21h30 GMT (please verify your timezone) Jaws developers will be in a virtual meeting on the Jaws IRC channel #jaws@freenode.net. We invite all jaws developers to this meeting.

Points that will be discussed:
  1. Website server (hosting for web, svn and mailing lists)
  2. Documentation
    1. Format
    2. Documentation or cookbook?
  3. New developers and branch managers
  4. The end of Jaws 0.x
    1. Name of 0.x branch (Jaws Zero)
  5. Jaws 1.x (changes, what should be changed, dropped improved)
    1. Full OOP support
    2. i18n formats (php arrays, defines, db, gettext, etc.)
    3. ORM (Doctrine?)
    4. How to handle Ajax and future technologies
    5. Piwi? HTML elements? Our 'own' library?
  6. Jaws 2.x
  7. Sponsorships
  8. Marketing (buy some spaces in PHP magazines, like phpArch)
  9. GsOC 2008
  10. Contributions (how to handle permissions, promote developers with
Once the meeting is over we will upload the irc log to the wiki and prepare a brief summary of it.

Come and join us!!