Jaws 0.8.0 - First stable released

We are very happy to announce the first stable version of Jaws 0.8.0 which should now work on production systems.

And as you know, the next stable (bug fixes) versions will be numbered under 0.8.x (ie 0.8.1, 0.8.2... etc). If you want to use the svn 0.8.x versions we suggest you to use the one located at:


What is new in Jaws 0.8.0?

  • Language support for: Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian and of course English, Persian and Spanish!
  • DB support for: MySQL(i), PostgreSQL, Oracle, Firebird, Interbase, MSSQL and SQLite!
  • All gadgets output template are uniformed!
  • UTF8 full supported
  • Builtin RTL supported
  • Dynamic Layout with new interface
  • Powerful Menu gadget
  • IP/Agent blocking via Policy gadget
  • Advanced mail configuration
  • Web Services work fine behind proxy with Jaws
  • Improve the directory structure of each gadget
  • Separate language for backend and frontend area
  • Almost all gadget Improved and include many new features
  • Many new gadgets and plugins
  • Almost everything works!
We invite you to fall in love with this version as we are now!


  • PHP >= 4.3.6
  • MySQL >= 4.1
  • Postgresql >= 7.4
  • Oracle >= 8.0
  • MSSQL >= 8.0
  • Firebird >= 1.5
  • Interbase >= 6.0
  • SQLite >= 2.8
  • Apache 1.3, Apache 2, Cherokee >> 0.4.29 (under fcgi) and IIS

To download the package(s) just click here!.

Thanks for all of you who reported bugs and keep helping this nice project!