End of summer annoucement

This has been a very short summer ! I am writing this message with a feeling of accomplishment as this summer has been extremely productive. Every single day of the summer, voices in my head asked: what's next ? And right now, the answer seems to be a bright future for the Jaws 2 project.

I have to acknowledge that all the accumulated experience of Jaws 0.x has been a very close ally to me. I should also mention that without veteran developers like Jonathan Hernandez, Pablo Fischer and Helgi Thormar, I could never have achieved this level of code quality. The support from the community has been incredible. Thank you guys !

I also want to specially thank David Coallier, my mentor, who always provided valuable feedback and ideas. David always supported me during the whole summer and I don't think this experience would have been as successful as it was without him. Thanks David !

I remember my first checkout of the branch. 0 files, 0 lines, everything had to be done. This is where we stand right now:

- 2542 physical lines of code (without whitespace and comments)
- 47 files
- 294 commits
- We (nearly) have our first working gadget !

The summer has ended but my role as a Jaws developer is far from being a thing of the past. Such a positive experience encouraged me to stay active in the community. Right now, I have two goals. The first one is to work with the community to achieve a release of Jaws 2 as soon as PHP 6 is released. The second one is to write a similar message, in exactly one year, praising my community for all the great support I had during the summer as a student of the Jaws project. Yes, you've read correctly, as a student for the Jaws project: I don't have any doubts that next year, our project will be mature enough to deserve our own spots in the Summer of Code :-).

I wish everyone the best and thank you for this great summer again !